Nizammah Ward, LMHC
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I made this for you; Brilliant resilient, remarkable, dynamic, stylish, devoted, beautiful, nurturing, busy, and most importantly empathetic woman. I thought about you and the questions you have a desire to be answered.


Inside you will find questions that will help you to explore who you really are and your true thoughts of yourself. This guided journal will also set the stage for growth and having a cognitive shift to redefining who you are meant to be.You are in for a treat with this guided journal that includes;  journal prompts, morning/evening gratitude, affirmations, and a grounding coloring page at the end of each week (20 weeks included in this journal).



99 Prompts Journal For Introspection, Growth, and Prioritizing Your Peace

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$35.00 Regular Price
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  • Cover: This journal features a soft matte coated cover

    Size:  6 x 9 inches

    Binding: perfect edge binding

    Interior: 244 pages in black and white

    Packing: Polybag packing 

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